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About us

Martin & Martin. Two entrepreneurs with a passion for exciting products, smart business models and teams that want to achieve the extraordinary.

Martin Unger

Martin has already founded several companies himself, mostly in a tech role. Above all he has accompanied many entrepreneurs at their start – but he also knows the enterprise perspective.

Martin Mittermeier

Martin has worked for Project A and founded Kyto. He has a lot of experience in sales, marketing and product development. He also advises various larger companies in the area of digital investments.

Mentors help to quickly find their way around in an industry and provide access to strategic partners as well as customers. Examples from our pool of mentors:

Manfred Wahl


Christian Kaller


Klaus Wagner


Hubert Deutsch


Experts support founders in urgent operational issues. Examples from our pool of experts:

Florian Brick


Mareike Busche


Boris Libeert


Marc Forstmann


SFO invests in entrepreneurs who see the values of the honorable businessman as their guiding principle. Our own values in detail:


We only invest in entrepreneurs, not self-promoters or dogmatists. We believe that real entrepreneurs give a lot to our society and we want to support them in this.

Sustainability and social responsibility (ESG)

We only invest in topics that promote or consider ESG criteria. At the very least, we do not want to harm the world with our investments, ideally we make it a little better.


With SFO, we have created an excellent alternative to other equity investors. In the same way, we expect the companies in which we invest to develop excellent solutions and excellent implementation of their plans.


We provide real value to our investments beyond equity. We reject investments where we do not add value. Only sustainable interest alignment creates a lasting partnership.


We are ready to support unconventionally even in difficult situations. Be it through the right contacts, a clarifying conversation or a short-term loan to secure liquidity.